10 Mistakes to Avoid on Cyber Monday from MyBankTracker
November 23, 2020

Essential tips to shop safely online this year

Foster City, CA – November 23, 2020 – Millions of Americans are turning to online holiday shopping this year to reduce exposure to the coronavirus. With limited funds, consumers may want to avoid spending more than necessary to score the best deal, yet the fear of missing out can run rampant on Cyber Monday. While it may seem like the last opportunity, research shows it’s not the best day of the year for shopping discounts. Check out these tips from the personal finance site before heading online.

1. Avoid turning Cyber Monday into the holy grail for online shopping
- many retailers are offering deals right now because of the pandemic and posting their “Black Friday” deals throughout the season.

2. Avoid being unprepared or arriving late to the party
- do the homework; there are few rules for shopping online this year, so check the circulars and download reputable apps. Many retailers offer secret deals just for app users. 

3. Don’t be shy
- many retailers price match, so have the comparison ready and call the retailer’s customer service number or use the online chat feature to ask.

4. Avoid gimmicky sites - don’t fall under the spell of slick websites that most have never heard of and check out the online reviews or the Better Business Bureau for online complaints.

5. Stick to the list - make a list and check it twice, it will act as your suit of armor against unnecessary purchases while staying within the
best budget for your lifestyle.

6. Avoid buying without an established budget - don’t max out your credit card, because that bill will arrive before you know it and the interest could quickly wipe out any Cyber Monday savings.

7. Shop with free shipping in mind or buy from the same store - this year, many will celebrate the holidays virtually, so take shipping into account. Consider buying all the gifts for the grandkids from one retailer to take advantage of free shipping - it may end up saving more money than buying it cheaper from somewhere where shipping isn’t included.

8. Wait to buy toys - Cyber Monday is geared toward electronics and clothing; most Christmas toys go more on sale about two weeks before the holiday.

9. Use online cash back shopping portals - it makes no sense to shop online without using a cash back site when there are so many to choose from like Rakuten. Just go through these secure portals to make the purchases and shoppers can earn cash back.

10. Review the return and exchange policies - some items may not be returnable, so all the savings will be wiped out and other items have a limited timeframe for returns.

Bonus tip:  avoid getting scammed - with millions shopping online, cyber scammers will be out in full force as well; shop using a private, password-protected Wi-Fi network and only check out if the URL starts with “https” to help reduce the risk of credit card fraud.

To find out more tips for shopping safely online visit 10 Cyber Monday Mistakes to Avoid for Safer and Smarter Online Shopping

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